drivers license

Find out how to download the MP3 of the song by Olivia Rodrigo

Method 1: Download MP3 From YouTube

The easiest method for getting drivers license as an MP3 is to use a YouTube video to MP3 tool.

Using these tools is super easy, you enter the URL of the YouTube video and it grabs it as an MP3 for you to download.

Be sure to check the copyright details of the video and EULA on YouTube before you use this method though as different videos have different rules.

Method 2: Stream MP3

With a free or premium Spotify account you can gain access to this song on pretty much any platform.

You can listen to drivers license on your computer or mobile device - although you can't download the song as an MP3 directly.

The free Spotify account forces you to listen to ads between songs but by subscribing for a monthly fee you can avoid them.

Song Facts

  • Length: 3:55
  • Released: 2021
  • Album: drivers license
  • Label: Geffen Records
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Song Description

The song drivers license performed by Olivia Rodrigo was first released at the start of January 2021 as the lead single of her upcoming album that bore the same name as the single.

It was written by the singer herself and Dan Nigro with Nigro also producing the song.

When you listen to the song you can hear that the lyrics dominate the sound with a minimalistic backing track of drums, hand-claps and harmonies.

Within days the song had reached number 1 in the UK and USA singles charts as well as many other countries.

You could class the song as being within the bedroom pop (also known as lo-fi) genre of music because of its low volume singing and simple backing track, similar to that of a low-tech producer who makes music in their bedroom.

About the Music Video

The music video for the song drivers license by Olivia Rodrigo starts off with the singer’s character getting her driver’s license after waiting patiently.

Then the music video shows the happy memories that she experienced with this past lover, switching between the current dark and historic bright memories.

When the singer then proceeds to drive to her old lover’s house she finds herself struggling to actually go there and instead cruises the streets procrastinating.

As Olivia Rodrigo’s character cruises the streets she remembers the unhappy memories that cause her to question whether she should drive and see him.